Overview: Fire Safety Apprenticeships

Act now to obtain Government funding to help grow fire safety skills and capabilities within your organisation.

We are here to help employers avoid missing out on the benefits of apprenticeships in our sector while also guiding them along the pathway to nationally-recognised qualifications for their personnel.

The fire safety apprenticeship pathway consists of four programmes:

Level 3 Community Safety Advisor

Level 3 Fire Safety Advisor

Level 4 Fire Safety Inspector

Level 6 Fire Safety Engineer (Degree)

EPA is the final stage of an apprenticeship in which the apprentice demonstrates professional competence in their role. For more details, see EPA

Contact apprenticeships@xact.org.uk for more details.

Apprenticeship brochures

ASFP: Association for Specialist Fire Protection

Apprentices are eligible for free student membership of ASFP as part of their apprenticeship package. Details.

IfATE: Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

See IfATE website for details on:

  • Level 3 Community Safety Advisor details
  • Level 3 Fire Safety Advisor details
  • Level 4 Fire Safety Inspector details
  • Level 6 Fire Safety Engineer (Degree) details