Apprenticeship Pathways - Fire Safety

Fire safety apprenticeships present the opportunity to upskill or reskill existing employees, via Government funded programmes, to achieve nationally recognised qualifications. They can also support organisations to recruit and train new talent.

This is particulary vital to the fire safety sector with the ever-increasing call for enhancing competence levels following the Hackitt report: Building a Safer Future.

The fire safety apprenticeship pathway consists of three programmes which have the potential to lead to top level of fire safety academic excellence with Xact.

Level 3 Community Safety Advisor

Provides life-improving advice, guidance and interventions that support the community to remain safe and reduce risks e.g from fire, falls, crime etc. - more details

Level 3 Fire Safety Advisor

Required for valued roles such as fire safety risk assessor, fire safety inspector and fire safety manager and beyond - more details

Level 4 Fire Safety Inspector

Specialist role that assesses the fire safety level in the built environment, including complex buildings. It also has the potential to put an employee on the path to becoming a fire engineer - more details

Level 6 Fire Safety Engineer (Degree)

Completion of a Level 6 apprenticeship provides an employee with a fire engineering degree - the pinnacle of fire safety qualifications - more details

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