What are Xact doing to be more sustainable in the workplace?

Xact recognises that our operations have an effect on the local, regional and global environment and acknowledges that is has a responsibility to minimise these effects in order to protect the environment for future generations. That is why we have taken action in certain aspects of how we operate in order to ensure that we are being as sustainable as possible.

  • Providing the option of online learning via our Interactive Virtual Classroom has helped significantly cut down carbon levels, with many tutors and delegates working from home and not having to travel or require accommodation.
  • Office staff work in rotation of being in office or at home so not everyone is having to travel into work every day.
  • All staff meetings are virtual.
  • The storing of all our paperwork and files is mostly online, saves having to print.
  • Payslips and invoices are paperless.
  • All of our paper is sourced from the forestry commission and is FSC Certified.
  • All printer cartridges and batteries and recycled.
  • We recycle our laptops, mainly to schools.

Interactive Virtual Classroom (iVC)

Xact provide delegates the option of training via our interactive virtual classroom which has immesenly cut down our Carbon Footprint usage. On average prior to IVC being launched, Xact ran approximately 184 face to face courses per year. Each course would involve travel, equipment, resources and occasionally accomadation, resulting in a high level of carbon footprint per course. Now the majority of our courses are ran via IVC which has made a substantial difference to the level of Carbon Footprint that Xact are using.

To view our updated Environmental Policy, please click here.