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iVC Interactive Virtual Classrooms

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iVC benefits and delivery

Access the high quality training Xact is renowned for safely, securely and cost-effectively via our Interactive Virtual Classroom programme. 
It features real-time, face-to-face contact with expert tutors who are highly trained in our innovative format.

In pairs, they facilitate interactive learning with delegates actively engaged in the learning process while all enjoy the comfort and convenience of their own preferred locations.

iVC means no costs associated with accommodation and travelling fees for customers while ensuring that their delegates can train from home.

Overnight stays in differently tiered regions are also avoided in compliance of Government Covid-19 guidance.

And it is family friendly too - welcomed by those who wish to remain at home while training so they can continue to care for children and vulnerable relatives. Thousands continue to enjoy an enhanced learning experience where they:

  • View and interact with expert tutors and other delegates
  • Pose questions, discuss and share ideas
  • Work in syndicates
  • Engage in plan-based and virtual reality exercises
  • Enjoy video and PowerPoint

iVC Requirements

You need the following to participate in Interactive Virtual Classrooms:

  • Laptop: Integral web camera, microphone, speakers or equivalent
  • Internet connection
  • Ability to receive course notes by post directly to home address or posted to work address from where notes can be sent to your home address

Restrictions to using iVC software:

  1. Poor broadband connection
  2. VPN connections restrict video and audio. It is likely that the software will not function unless VPN is disabled.
  3. Some company systems are locked down preventing access. Either request that your IT department lifts the restriction on your device to access the software or that you use an alternative unrestricted device

For more details see Guidance Note

iVC Interactive Virtual Classrooms

iVC software security

Download security measures imbedded in our iVC software.

Submission deadlines

Normal deadlines apply, for details see webpage

Coronavirus: Your safety

Please ensure you follow NHS and Government guidance at all times.

Also see Xact Health advice