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Target Audience

Fire risk assessors.


To enable delegates to review safety measures at locations that are regulated or licensed.

Core Topic Areas

  • Legislation and working with other enforcement agencies
  • Crowd behaviour, safety and control
  • Assembly buildings
  • Performance venues
  • Theatres and cinemas
  • Night clubs and casinos
  • Firework displays
  • Outdoor events
  • Pop concerts
  • Sports Grounds

Core Reference Documents

  • CLG: Fire Safety RA Guides, Large Places of Assembly
  • CLG: Fire Safety RA Guides, Theatres, Cinemas and Similar Places
  • BS 9999 Annex D: Theatres, Cinemas and Similar Venues
  • CLG: Fire Safety RA Guides, Open Air Events and Venues
  • HSG 123: Working together on firework displays
  • HSG 154: Managing crowds safely
  • HSG 195: The event safety guide (Purple Guide)
  • Guide to safety at Sports Grounds (Green Guide)


Assessment of course work is to NOS (National Occupational Standards).

Qualifications and NOS

This course includes the assessment criteria for NOS:

These NOS are from qualifications:

  1. Level 4 Certificate in Fire Safety (Fire Auditors): details
  2. Level 4 Diploma in Fire Safety (Fire Inspectors): details

For more details see: qualifications

Dates and Prices

Duration 5 days
Dates Mon 8th Jul - Fri 12th Jul 2024
Mon 23rd Sep - Fri 27th Sep 2024 #
Mon 4th Nov - Fri 8th Nov 2024
Mon 20th Jan - Fri 24th Jan 2025
Mon 10th Mar - Fri 14th Mar 2025

* option of iVC or Face-to-Face at Yarnfield Park

# Face-to-Face at Yarnfield Park (no IVC)
Delegate Cost £845.00 + VAT
Location iVC: Interactive Virtual Classroom
Not applicable
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Prior Learning

Delegates must have completed: Assessing complex premises course

Pre-Course Modules



Sessions will be delivered using PowerPoint, whiteboard explanation, group discussion, individual tuition and practical exercises.

Post Course

Delegates must complete workbooks within four weeks of course completion.