Apprenticeship: Business Fire Safety Advisor - Level 3

Apprenticeship Funding: £2,500.00 (maximum)

Apprenticeship Duration: Typically 24 months, minimum 12 months.

Qualification Included in Apprenticeship: Level 3 Certificate in Fire Safety 

Apprenticeship Role

A business fire safety advisor works with organisations to reduce fire risk in simple premises - classed as small buildings with a simple layout e.g. shops, offices or industrial units with a non-complex means of escape.

Assessing risk and hazards, evaluating measures to protect people and premises. Support businesses to carry out fire safety recommendations are also part of the role along with enforcement action. 

Apprenticeship Standard

See Institute for Apprenticeships for more information about this role.

Methods of Assessment

End point assessment, completed after the training period, includes the following:
•    Workplace observation
•    Structured discussion underpinned by portfolio of evidence


Those who complete this apprenticeship can progress to a Fire Safety Inspector - Level 4 apprenticeship.

More Information

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