Employer Information - Apprenticeships

Costs, funding, apprenticeship levy and incentives

Here, we explain the apprenticeship funds available to organisations and how to access them before they expire. We also highlight how utilising Government funding leads to more cost-saving benefits. 

Apprenticeship training costs are partially or wholly met through Government funding. The funding level employers receive depends on whether or not the employer pays into the Apprenticeship Levy.

Levy payers

Organisations, which have an annual wage bill over £3m pay an apprenticeship levy of 0.5% of that bill. Government tops this up by 10% which can be spent on apprenticeship training.

Plus, where an organisation fully utilises its levy, the cost of any additional apprenticeship training to the employer is only 5% because Government will fund the remaining 95%.

Note: Apprenticeship levy cannot be used for other purposes and will expire if unused after 24 months.

Non-levy payers

Government will meet 95% of the cost of apprenticeship training if the employer does not pay into the levy. The employer must fund the remaining 5%. This amounts to:

  • £175.00 for Level 3 Community Safety Advisor apprenticeship
  • £300.00 for Level 3 Fire Safety Advisor apprenticeship
  • £550 for Level 4 Fire Safety Inspector apprenticeship
  • £1,350 for Level 6 Fire Safety Engineer (Degree) apprenticeship

See Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education website for apprenticeship funding bands.

Additional funding to support apprenticeships may be available in the form of incentive payments, depending on the employer and apprentice’s circumstances.

Contact apprenticeships@xact.org.uk to find out more about how Xact can help you access Government apprenticeship funding.

See Government website

Note: Information provided applies to England and may be different for devolved nations.