Fire Safety Apprenticeships

Fire safety apprenticeships are the ideal way for individuals to access a career in fire safety and for employers to grow fire safety skills and capabilities within their organisation.

We offer nationally recognised qualifications, supported by our expert and experienced mentors, every step of the way. Apprentices work alongside completing training courses, achieving competence and gaining skills whilst contributing to their organisation and earning.

Our Apprenticeship Opportunities

Level 3 Fire Safety Advisor

A Fire Safety Advisor works with businesses to help them keep people, premises, and the environment safe from fire by offering advice and education to reduce risk. People in this role may be employed by a Fire and Rescue Service or they may work for an organisation in the public ,private or not for profit sector. The Level 3 Fire Safety Advisor apprenticeship typically takes 18 months to complete.

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Level 4 Fire Safety Inspector

‘Fire Safety Inspector’ is a specialist protection role which assesses fire safety in the built environment, including complex buildings. Working with a variety of partner agencies, fire safety inspectors provide and technical expertise, participate in consultation and enforce fire safety legislation via investigation and prosecution. The Level 4 Fire Safety Inspector apprenticeships typically takes 24 months to complete.

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Access to Apprenticeships

Employers are able to access Government funding to cover the apprenticeship training costs. Dependant on the size of the business, apprenticeship training costs are partially or wholly met through government funding.

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Apprenticeship Pathways

Learn more about where an apprenticeship in fire safety can lead you within your career. Starting your fire safety apprenticeship has the potential to lead to a top level of academic and competency excellence.

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